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Hello Everyone,

This is Adam Gheli, a small cog in a big wheel that is Houston Websites. I’ve done away with getting others to write blogs for Houston Websites; not because they weren’t good at what they did, but their work will never have my voice or passion.


The point I want to bring to your attention is that your website content should be visitor or target audience focused. Make them your top priority and all other good things will follow. The other day, one of our long time clients and a good friend (She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) asked how she would write a thoroughly optimized copy for the search engines. I told her, the same thing I’ll tell you all….


FORGET Search Engines! I know that it may sound like a bizarre thing to say. Especially, coming from someone whose job is to promote websites. But hear me out before you walk away from this free advice. Don’t worry about search engines at all, for now! You see, the problem most websites are facing is not that the “keywords” are not optimized. Don’t get me wrong…the keywords are almost always never optimized…but the root of the problem goes much beyond that. The most fundamental problem is that there isn’t enough content, period. Yes, once this problem is dealt with, we can try to delve into optimization (if you have the stomach for it).


Keep in mind that Google and Bing use extremely adaptive search algorithms that are very often updated. They’re not something we can simply fool by using only optimized keywords, whether these words belong in context or not. For this reason, optimizing incorrectly will hurt rankings much more than an un-optimized text copy that speaks to the visitors. Favor those who visit your website, write for them, and forget rankings. And never to forget the fact that each time a visitor shares your website link, does soooo much more for your rankings than anything else. It’s an 80/20 rule that applies here. Most businesses work 80% on rankings for a 20% or less gains. In the long run (3-4mo.), this strategy will pay out much better and will use less time and effort on your part in its application.


A good example of this same practice is seen in this very blog post. I’m sitting here in Starbucks (thanks to their free Wifi) over on Yale and I10. And I will try my best to do a simple spell check, simple styling, and publish without much “optimizations”. Just as long as I’m satisfied that I’ve communicated a very crucial point across to my visitors, I’m happy.


Hopefully this will help clear any preconceived notions about keyword optimizations and who to write the content for. If you have similar questions, please feel free to contact us.


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