Web Designers Are Design Experts, Not SEO

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Who Do You Think of When You Want to Design a Website?

A web designer of course, someone who would design the site for you professionally! Have you ever wondered why this is the first thing that comes to your mind? Simple! It’s because you know that web designers are professionals who spend their life doing just that, and they are the experts who can give proper shape to your ideas!

Have You Thought About How To Choose the Right Web Designer?

You find designers on the internet and check out their attractive portfolios there. Do you think that whether these portfolios match with the theme of your business? Are the web designers good enough to design a website that would reflect your company’s vision?

What Makes Web Designers Harmful?

What do you want in a professional site? A site that will highlight your business motto? A site that will be the mirror of your business ethics and values? Your sales team would use it as their marketing tool and customers as their point of reference. It must be the marketing box of your concern. Is it important that your web designer understands everything that you need them to before they begin designing?

Marketing Creates the Difference!

Just think, what do you type when you search for web designers? Do you type, best web designers in … into Google to find someone who would best suit your needs? Google will give you results based on the quality of the websites’ SEO. So in that respect what matters most here is keywords and well-written descriptions. So, if the marketing is not good enough, how will your web designer help you out in building the right site for you?

Is It True That Web Designers Are Bad Marketers?

Why would you visit the site of your rivals before you design your own site? You do so, to see, what your competitors do to attract their customers, and if they’re doing better than you. You try to find out the marketing strategy behind their sites. What message they’re delivering, to their potential clients, through their sites? When you understand these answers, you can plan out your website, and decide what key factors would attract your customers most, over your competitors.

Now, web designers can design the site in a fantastic way. That’s their profession. But they do this according to the decisions you make for them. Are your decisions going to positively impact what your customers see and feel when they visit your site? Web designers do not understand marketing and sales and keep themselves apart from all the techniques that would please your clients. Sometimes you can become side-tracked and end up not being true to what your customers are going to want to see. But what if the site you finally built, doesn’t attract much traffic as you expect it to? What do you do? Where did you go wrong? Experts suggest that do not go straight for web designers when looking to design a website, go for a professional architect first instead.

Three Important Facts About Web Designers

While hiring any web designer, you must look for the correct traits. And note whether these three points are covered or not. These are:

  1. As web designers are not marketers, do not expect them to be skilled in marketing. The risk will always be there that they may highlight the wrong avenues.
  2. The biggest gap between the web designers and business professionals is that the first is totally unaware of any business techniques. They will not improve the business of your business.
  3. You will find that they are showcasing a faultless image of your company, which in turn might attract you new clients or visitors.

Simple Steps:

When you design your website for your business, follow these simple steps:

  • Get in touch with a local web designer.
  • The web designer will produce different ideas and show you various templates to use as starting-points. Collaborate with them.
  • You will find that they will complete the job according to your decisions, your say is final. Remember this.
  • Your website will launch. The web designer’s work here is done.

Once launched, what do you expect from it? Getting lots of orders and regular visitors? What’s the result? Just unintentionally forget about the existence of the site altogether?

Why Do Websites Fail?

About 98% of all the websites that are launched, fail. The basic reason for this is that the web designer simply made you a website that satisfies the owner’s every request. But by being a new entrepreneur, you will be unaware of the market’s demands and so did not understand what would be best for the site. You may also have been ignorant about the need to complete the Search Engine Optimization.

You must work in a manner so that you can get the best results possible. Try out Google Analytics to learn more about SEO, including information like how many people are visiting your site regularly. It will let you know about the traffic to your site in lots of ways; what time of day they search for your site, what keywords they use and so on. Now this may seem useless, but with time you will begin to understand how important a tool it is for web marketing. You may even want try out Pay-Per-Click Advertising or do some research on SEO. They are no doubt very powerful tools in improving your traffic on your website once things get going.


In short, what have we learned? Get a web designer who understands the business you have, so that they can help you design a website that will increase the traffic to your site and improve its chance at success.


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