Traits of an Experienced Web Designer

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As a web designer, you find there is a fine line between constructing business-oriented designs and what could be considered art. It’s true that this can be easily said, but hard to maintain. It may be quite difficult to understand what each individual client wants. You need to make something that would be fit for thousand others, yet must match with the tastes of your client to a tee! Sometimes, it’s true to say that the job of a web designer is somewhat tougher than an architect in some respect! You need to get the purpose and drive behind every website clear in your mind, before you start designing it. Being a successful web designer, you must possess traits that will give you an edge over others in your field of work. Lets take a look at some of the traits of some famous web designers. Below we’ll discuss the qualities and traits of a wide range of web designers that make them different from others.

TOP Web Designers in the Industry

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Lean Weisman Focuses on "SEO"

Lean prides the SEO of his website’s for their success. He states that those sites generally top the search engine results. He also mentions how they always have low-loading times and are coded properly with Meta tags and descriptions. The loading time of any site will depend upon different
elements like the graphics and the animations used in the pages, so a fine balance between high resolution and file size is important.

Remington Begg Relies on "Basic Principles"

Experts like Begg regard a site’s simplicity and conciseness for his successfully launching sites. As a web designer, you must be aware of the different techniques and programs that are used. If there is anything you are not so similar with, ask someone who is! Because the more you do, the more you will learn, and understand that designs which are simple and concise are far more successful. In short, less is more. This is the key.

David Valentine Pushes His "Content"

Quickly think of a site with bad content. You can’t? Because you never regularly visit them once you find them. So it’s important that your websites do not have missing links, incorrect information and vague data. To have a good amount of traffic to your site, make it a vital point that the content must be relevant to the topics and purpose of the site.

Ben Hunt Promotes "Self Learning"

Learning has no end. Everybody, from leaders to professional experts are learning something new every day. Try out new things and also keep an eye on what is happening around you. This is how everybody, including SEO experts, CSS masters and even hackers develop their mastery. You may heard in the past that we learn from our mistakes. And we do, more than from anything else. So trial and error is perfect for improving your ability.

Rajini Setai Seeks Out "Solutions"

What do you do when you get stuck to something? Search for solutions or alternative methods? Or give up trying altogether? Undergoing any project will guarantee you the unavoidable moment you fall into a situations where you will get stuck. Or find you out of your depth in something completely unexpected. Now, you have a choice: either stick to it until you find a solution or choose some alternative way out. Giving up is never an option. The latter is the easiest way out. And finding alternatives can be considered thinking outside the box, however this isn’t always the case. What if this situation pops up again and there is no alternative this time? Finding solutions to your problems will be a healthier move.

Tara Pickard Vocalizes "Communication Skills"

When working for a long time as a web designer, you will have developed the ability to share your thoughts and ideas with fellow web designers. Web designers love trading opinions and new techniques. And in any big project, it’s important that they discuss the project’s direction to help it move ahead..

Alan Smith Focuses on "Marketing Strategies"

A skilled web designer must will have knowledge of the current trends of the market. They can easily see emerging patterns in popular works, and math this with the industry needs at the time. If you too want to reach great heights, then just watch for these trends, try to understand how they’ve formed and if possible where they may be going.

Nuno Loureiro Says "Innovation is a Must"

For being a market leader in any trade, you need to be innovative. Think of the person who had the idea of selling shoes to people. It’s innovation that can make your ideas stand apart from others. Use your creative ideas to give you a better output. But don’t try to reinvent the wheel!

Nick Pettit Speaks of "Story Boards"

The website that you are developing must be well designed so that every page may seem just like part of a story. If you are developing pages for a website, try to create common structures and themes across pages. Every web page should complement each other.

Evoke Design Blog’s Own "Being Personal"

While designing any site, be passionate with the work. Always work with ease of mind and your creativity would do the rest. A good working relationship with your co-workers would surely reflect in the site.

Randall Parrish Agrees on "Collaboration"

Being a part of a collaborative team for a long time, Randall always suggests that designing websites working as a team can achieve better results. You can get many new ideas from your team members, bouncing off one another during brain-storms. And sometimes, they may even be great enough for giving birth to a new concept or two.

Peter Ticky Suggests "Proactive Steps"

Sometimes, you may feel stuck with a bug in your coding and cannot understand how to overcome the problem. You are not alone. Even experienced web designers face these problems. However, you may search for help for a solution, to not only correct the bug, but also stop it happening again for the same reason!

John Hergert Bonds with "Clients"

It’s given that you clients are the most important element in your business, they’re the reason your company can and do exist. So a good bonding with them will deliver good results. Having friendly yet professional relationships with them will help you learn more about what their visions are for the business so you can fuel the design of the website on this same passion.

Robert Smith Asks to be "Dynamic"

Imagine your client asks you to add some more text to a webpage, and you have not got enough space, what would say? Reject their suggestion? Of course not! Be dynamic in your designs, if something needs altering, alter it! Ideas are there to be added to, so do exactly that! Plus, you have to remember, they’re the ones paying for this too.

Brain Krall Adapts to "Responsive Design"

It’s very important to know every nook and corner of the site and how they will appear on every possible device. Krall says that you must be aware of the dynamic grids, media queries and images. This means you can load your site on any screen site without losing the beautiful layout you’ve worked hard to create.

Devin Thompson Highlights "Presentation Skills"

It’s just not enough to be innovative; you must present yourself accordingly. Thompson says that presentation skills are the main tool for developing any website. You need to find a way that you can present your work in a sleek but sophisticated way, to attract visitors to the site you’re designing.

Ramon Ray Likes a "Creative Touch"

As there are countless sites appearing up every day, you really need to be creative to make your site stand out and catch visitor’s eyes. Be intuitive with your ideas, trying things that sometimes break the rules, intentionally but purposefully. Creativity is be needed in every step that you take as a web designer.

Isaac Campbell Pays Attention to "Detail"

Campbell shares from his experience that paying attention to the small details will help you get very far in terms of success with web design. A web designer should be observant, so they can make sure the website is not only accurate and clean, but purposefully perfect.


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