Real Reasons to Have a Website

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What do you usually do when you heard of a product, service or business? 87% of the respondents of the survey conducted by Visible Logic proved that what most of us usually do is look for their website. This is why every business out there must consider having excellent web design for success.

Here are some insightful reasons why:

1) Your digital presence affects how people judge your business

96% of the said respondents believe that businesses must invest time and energy to update their website – showcasing their up-to-date services and products. Are you a business owner? People mostly go to the internet to research about your products. This is a fact. In this digital age, it follows that your digital presence is a must.When your website is designed excellently, you are able to give good impression to prospects. This is when engagement starts. They can contact you directly and can even order your products and services as soon as they want to through your website.

2) Your website quality either gives you leads or gives you heartaches

When people visit your site, they expect a lot from its design and functionality. Having a website is never enough. It has to carry your brand strongly. It needs to have that balance of appeal, trustworthiness, and friendliness. You must consider the following:

  • Most people leave the website when they find it difficult to navigate around
  • Poorly designed website may mean poor service as well
  • When your website is out-of-date, it decreases trust
  • Typos and link errors also make visitors leave as early as landing on the front page
  • Most people chose a product or service when visiting a great website

3) Leads may come from smooth navigation (even for the first time!)

It has been shown by the study done by Visible Logic that most visitors become interested in products and services just because the website is so user-friendly. Even for first-time visitors. Yes, it can be love at first click.

4) Attractive aesthetic boosts marketability

89% of the respondents think that aesthetics play a vital role in marketing through your website. The over-all look of the website must be in harmony with your branding. Remember that it must mirror your vision. Therefore, careful selection of colors, images, and even fonts, etc. must be taken seriously.

5) Optimization in harmony with responsive design

Most people leave a website when the page tends to load too slowly. And, nowadays, people are using mobile gadgets to access the web. This simply means that more people are after an optimized interface. As a great response, you as businessman or service provider must make wise decisions in the over-all web design of your website. In addition, when you rank high, people will find you easier. This leads to leads and eventually, sales.

So, yes, these are the 5 insightful reasons why you need excellent web design for business success. One of the respondents has expressed,

Good design is important in every aspect of a company. The company brand should reflect who they are and why they do while making the customer feel like they can be trusted. This feeling should be carried through every aspect of the business including the website design. If a site isn’t easily navigable or takes too long to load chances are the person is going to go elsewhere very quickly. You have 15 – 30 seconds to make a lasting impression on your customers with your website.


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