We’ve had the pleasure to work with Dr. Lumpkin’s staff for content and some art work. They’ve been extremely helpful with any of our requests.

Even with several years of on-going back pain, Dr. Tyer was able to help out Houston Website’s own CEO, Ali Gheli, within just a few sessions. Dr. Tyer has always made sure to put patients first. Thank You Dr. Tyer!

Project Description

Woodlands Integrative Medicine Associates (WIMA) is a site for individuals who wish to reach a whole new height of wellness. The site was incepted by a group of enthusiastic doctors. Produced by pioneers in the field of healthcare and natural medication, WIMA revolves around comprehensive healthcare routines. From weight loss to ayurvedic medicines to acupuncture to chiropractic to total body contouring, WIMA is an ultimate health package for the young & the old.

Apart from discreet facts, medical terms and mind boggling theories, WIMA is all about practical health. The site will take you through a new journey on fitness. It promotes different disciplines of healthcare. Hence, you will come across antique health remedies, golden principles and modern cures in the enticing site.

Also, WIMA is a colorful site that would not bore you! Complicated facts are presented in a crisp and precise manner. So, you are not expected to run around the bush or spend several hours on a specific health topic. Instead, with WIMA around, interesting information on healthcare would be few clicks away. Additionally, it is quite easy to navigate through the professional site! Designers have given lots of care and concern on the kind of terms used in the site. Thus, you will not feel lost anywhere in the site. This makes WIMA a site for everyone in your family!  Design, Website


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