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Sage Medical Billing or SageMB for short needed a website to create a new vitality in their ongoing marketing efforts. The website was created within 60 days and uses Joomla as it’s CMS platform. With close to 40 pages including homepage, contact, blog pages, etc.

Sage Medical Billing wanted to go with designer business cards and custom tri-folds that they can use to invite new clientele. As you can see from the images, the material is very easy on the eyes, attractive, and communicates well.

Project Description

Sage Medical Billing, Inc. is a small business in Magnolia, Texas; about an hour or so north west of Houston. Like many of our clients’, small business never meant small online profile. SageMB has everything going well when it came to it’s client services, namely providing medical billing service to medical providers locally and around the US. However, they never wanted to hunker down their human resources to constantly prospect for new business.

SageMB came to us to find a solution for them. And our #1 advice to them was to get an attractive site that works like a marketing mule for them, automatically, without having to constantly be worried about marketing and sales stagnation. Advice #2 was to have custom made business cards and tri-folds that can be handed over during business marketing occasions.

As for the website…the whole site took a bit over 2 months, start to finish. It’s based on Joomla CMS which means that even the front desk reception can quickly login to the site’s administrative panel and create/change/delete web pages without having to learn a single line of coding. And that is a very important concept for small businesses these days that don’t have an IT dept. If you like to take a look at the actual site, the link is mentioned below.

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