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A perfect example of a website handed over to the right developers at the right time. A very common narrative, where one developer makes a mess of a website and goes off the grid. Then, the Houston Website cowboys have to come in and rescue the project.

Project Description

A fun little WordPress project to work on. Initially, Tristan, the genius behind the Safespill Systems asked to simply complete the half built website and maybe add a few pages. But as we got into the core of the backend of the website, we quickly realized that it was a disaster. The previous developer created a stereotypical spaghetti code of a mess. Anyways, we ran some reports and did a complete analysis of what we’re working with, what we need to do, and how long will it take.

Since, Safespill Systems was not married to the design and wanted it redesigned anyways, we figured that it’s best to recreate the site from scratch. We consulted with Safespill Systems and communicated the situation as we saw it. Triston was more than understanding and gave us a green light to move forward. Within a month and some days, we have the site ready for them.

The only development critical portion of the website is the “How It Works” graphics user interface. Various parts of the image were connected to hover information popouts. Check it out here: And the coolest thing is that it’s all editable within the WordPress. So that in future, even if another developer were to edit the website, all content is accessible for change within WordPress.

Even though many website studios associate this practice as self-defeating; we put heavy emphasis on creating manageable websites that can be handed off to client if needed. Tristan is extremely nice to work with. He provided all the content needed without asking twice. Now that says a lot about their brand as well as their methods.
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