Jean Carlos El Principe

Project Description

This was our first project in a foreign language. Our friends from Wayne Enterprises (Local Hispanic Businessmen) presented us with their idea for a Spanish/English language website that covers the astrology niche. All of us were quite intrigued because we honestly never worked on such a niche.

The idea was pretty simple:

1. They needed a website in Spanish for the primary target audience and English for secondary target audiences.
2. The website would cater a set of informational pages, E-Commerce for conventional products as well as virtual products.
3. Create a system of providing daily horoscopes.
4. Create a system of providing in-depth pay-per-horoscope.
5. And provide pay-per-astral natal charts to visitors.
6. Tie all paid services/products to backend E-Commerce.

The inner working of the project has to remain confidential. But at the first completed version, the website consists of about 35 pages and some really cool code (that coders will drool over) under the hood.

At the early stage of the project, we put in tremendous amount of effort on not just the technical aspect, but also the business and competition side of the end result. What we were very excited about was that all parts of the website were left up to us. From design, color scheme, typography, content writing, translations, maintenance, SEO and other online marketing.

We were very happy with the results. The client was happy….Win Win! And Jean Carlos El Principe was extremely nice to work with. He’s not just a celebrity in the Hispanic American community, but he’s also a great human being with some very nice friends alongside of him.  Website

Client Name

Wayne Enterprises


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