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To create a website that would be a breeze to update, looks clean like how they envisioned, and to create a better company profile online.




Project Description

Gulf Interstate Engineering, a company that has established a solid presence in the Houston Oil & Gas Pipeline industry for well over 60years. A company that needs no formal introduction in the industry, had asked us to help out with replacing an older website that had an archaic design and features, with a brand new look that they had been designed in-house. They needed a platform from which they can easily update the website without dabbling with coding whatsoever.

We therefore, introduced them to Joomla CMS which was custom themed according to their design concepts. With a number of weekly face to face meetings with their IT, Marketing, and other departments, we were able to finally build a great website that looked stylish, clean, and a website that communicated to it’s visitors. Finally, we like to applaud the GIE staff members that worked with us on the project, those who guided us all the while in the direction that the project needed to take. A well deserve praise.  Website


Gulf Interstate Engineering

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