Cardon Outreach


The project was to take a half baked set of jQuery codes, ill formed graphics, and kindergarten xHTML, from an incomplete website that was worked on for more than a year by some freelancers, and have it ready for prime-time, maybe even publications by the end of the month. Simple!




Project Description

Cardon Outreach is an innovative company that really cares about it’s clientele. We were fortunate to work is such great set of folks. Yes, we reported mainly to their IT Dept. but the whole admin crew chipped in to help with content. It was a blast!

Their website initially had been a half baked project of over one and half year to our understanding. And when completion was no where in sight, we were called into not just rescue the project but do it within a very tight deadline, which was extremely crucial to the company.

The design was of the earlier folks that worked on it, however, we did make many small adjustments and tweaks. This project was much different that others due to the fact that some pages have an insane amounts of animation through jQuery. All in all, it was a success. Not only, did we finish the project in time; but we made many new friends along the way 😉

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Cardon Outreach

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