Personal Qualities of a Great Web Developer

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The Internet has made it all possible – to turn ideas into something innovative; something useful. If you have been envisioning a website that can represent you and you can present to the masses, the web can make it all easier and cheaper.

Of course, you would need a good web developer.

Finding a great web developer will lead you to so many places online. There is almost an endless pool of talented and skilled individuals out there but unfortunately, it is not all about the skills alone. To be working with one means to work closely, to collaborate and to learn together in many ways. This is also why finding a great web developer can be a daunting task for anyone. It is because interpersonal skills matter.

At the end of each day, working with someone so skilled technically but who does not have the open heart to work together will never lead to your envisioned outcome.

So here are 4 personal qualities to look for in a great web developer:

1) Trustworthiness

As your partner, trust is the main core with your relationship. If you feel that you can’t trust a certain person, you need to start all over again. Before beginning a contract, you need to intuitively listen to your gut feeling, “Do I trust this person?”
There are requirements you need to consider before saying yes. Consider that you are going to share your vision to someone and this very person will help you give life to it. Consider someone who deserves your time, money, and energy.

Your trust will let you and your developer go a long way in making your project work and in achieving your goals.

2) Passion

Passion makes someone look forward to any work day. It is the fuel to the mind, heart, and spirit. When you are working with someone passionate, he/she will always have the enthusiasm to make things work well. He/she will maximize his/her creativity to come up with best ideas, and best solutions. To work with someone who lacks the passion is a road full of blockades and excuses.

Note that when your developer shows lack of passion in the way they communicate with you, stay away.

3) Previous positive work experience with clients

On their own, most web developers are excellent. They can come up with the best ways to materialize a project. On the other hand, not everyone has the skill to deal with clients. It takes values to wok well with others and you need consider previous positive experience so you would know that such developer can work with you with professionalism and responsibility. Credibility is important so take note of potential developers so remember to ask for references before choosing someone.

4) Communication skills

We may have various ways to communicate now but misunderstanding can’t be ignored. Most developers use email and messenger to keep you updated and sometimes, barriers can befaced. Go with someone who has excellent communication skills. Go with a person who reaches out and articulates things in a simple yet clear way.

Someone who can communicate well can make the whole project run smoothly. He/she would do all means to ask, answer, and most of all, listen.

So yes, considering these personal qualities to look for a great web developer, you’d have a better compass in finding that partner to make your vision materialize; your brand attractive.


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