How to Create Your Tourism Business Website

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Maybe you’d think that making all websites is more or less the same, that there is a certain pattern, and the only thing that varies from website to website is the photographs and the text. This is true to some degree, but there are lot more factors that come into play when building a quality professional website.

Your website structure is largely going to depend on those factors, as well as from the area of your business. Our company and all our programmers have a lot of experience in creating different websites. Sometimes, those websites are for different tourist agencies.

Designing tourism business website

Designing website for tourism businesses is a very specific area of operation because of several things. Primarily, those websites are very specific by their structure, and they are also in high demand. All those who have anything to do with the tourism business have realized that if they’re not on the Internet, they practically don’t exist. Maybe there are still businesses that can survive without Internet promotion, but tourism is certainly not one. The easiest way to draw the attention of someone who is planning a trip or travel is through a quality Internet presentation, or more precisely, through a professional website.

It’s people’s nature to want to learn more about a certain destination before traveling there. And because of the Internet, that has become very simple. Even for those who have modest funds and can’t really travel to a more costly location, they can still learn about it, look at beautiful pictures, watch videos, and in that way decide where they want to go when they have the means to do so in the future.

That is why it is very important that a tourist agency has a well organized website in which you can clearly see the offer. The diversity of character will affect people’s choices greatly. Where they want to go for the summer, where they want to go for the winter, anything essentially. Everyone who visits a tourist agency website will have their version of an ideal trip or holiday, and it’s different for everyone. That is why you need to make a diverse and attractive offer, so most people can find themselves in it, and ultimately decide to travel with that agency. We are very well aware of that, and experience has taught us a lot about designing tourist websites. In the end, is there are a more beautiful topic to make a presentation for than tourism? It’s a very fulfilling task, because you always learn something new in the process, and it’s a great way to show your creativity. That’s why we love making tourist websites.

From experience we know that for a good tourist website a very important thing is a good body of content, a good story, and good heading that will draw the attention from the most diverse groups of people. Of course, a quality choice of photos too.

It is also desirable to have the most diverse categories in your website and content sorted in them, for example, summer vacations, winter vacations, sports, cultural and historical monuments, things like that.

Depending on what website in the area of tourism you need, the conception of your website will differ. So, if you’re presenting only one place, whether it’s a city, a village, a national park or something else, then your website will most likely be created to cover every detail and every aspect of that particular place.

You also need to pay attention to the profile of people at which the tourist offer of that place is directed at, and at the same time think about different things that will draw the attention of some other groups.

Put yourself in the role of a potential tourist

Think about this. If you own an apartment, hotel or hostel in some tourist place, next to the advertisements on other websites, the best advertisement for you is your personal website. But, that website should not describe only your offer and your apartment or hotel, the website should contain everything about place where you’re located and the different offers that are there. That’s because your goal is not only to attract people that have already been there, your goal is also to attract people that have never been there.

That is why presenting a certain apartment, hostel or something similar is a much greater project today than it was before. There’s a large offer and a great competition, and that’s why you need to have a great professional presentation.

When making such websites, it’s important to put yourself in the role of a potential tourist and ask yourself – what would I like to find in the offer for this place. Again, your tourist website should present not only one place, or one apartment or hostel, but your entire tourist agency.

Agencies usually have a broad spectrum of offers so it’s important to be able to have a summary, some things that are more important than other, rather than just bunching up content of the website. Categories are also important too. The number of categories will depend on the number of offers. Basically, the more, the better, in that way you’ll cover a wider group of interests and a wider group of people.

Next to all this talk about creativity and originality that is very important in every marketing project, there’s something else that is really important, and that’s the ability to update the website simply and quickly.

Tourism is a market that constantly changes, new and attractive offers are created all the time, the needs of newer generations are being satisfied. That’s why it is important that the people who own the website can update it easily.

We can do a lot for your tourist website. Our staff has a lot of experience in that field, and they know very well what they need to do to create a powerful and successful website. We’ve got plenty of years in that field, so hiring us will be the right move for you.

Here’s a short list of the most important components a tourist website should have:

  • Quality body of content (like “Things to do”, “Tourist guide”, “Nightlife in…”, “Top 10 tourist attractions”, etc.)
  • Professional photo gallery
  • Original conception (heading, ideas, creative texts)
  • It should be easy to update (regularly adding new information and offers will help your website gain a better position on the Search Engines)
  • A simple contact area
  • Great SEO

These are some things you should definitely have on your tourist website if you want it to be professional, and we can help you with them.


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