7 Myths About New Businesses

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Myths are ever present in everything we do, and business is no different. Here are 7 of the most common myths in new business development.

7 Most Common Myths About New Business

1. People often think that branding and full service advertising fall under specialization and that somebody needs to specialize to do that. That is a big myth and it is simply not true.

2. Another myth that people often believe is that selling something is more likely if you have a lot of things to sell. Again, this is simply not true. It’s better to be selective, and offer just a regular offer, that is better than other peoples offers, than to just have a gigantic selection of everything.

3. More meetings don’t equal more sales. People often fall into this trap and think that the more meetings they get, the more sales they will close. It’s not true and it just makes you spend more money, which is bad for the business.

4. Some people believe in the necessity of written proposals in sales. It is not a necessity. It’s really nothing more than a tool to be used for the business, and it isn’t even that beneficial when used in the traditional manner.

5. Building personal and close relationships equals more sales for the business. Of course, networking and close relationships are important for the business, but focusing too much on making friends in the business is not very likely to get you on the top.

6. Chemistry builds new business relationships. It’s a myth commonly cited. But there are two major problems with this. Firstly, what is chemistry? How can you define it? When people say chemistry, they often do that because of a lack of a better term. They most often found something great about the business, but for the lack of a better term use the word chemistry to describe their decision. Secondly, focusing too much on building business relationships through chemistry will not exactly make you learn a lot of things about the business world, and you may fall off later down the road.

7. Some people fall under the tree where they believe that selling something must come from persuading or intimidating someone to buy it. This is really not healthy, and it’s much better to look at sales from a different angle. Of course, this can work in a way, but to each their own.


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