5 Best Blogs for Houston Small Business Owners

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This article is to showcase the few absolutely best blogs that may serve beneficial for Houston Small Business Owners. These blogs have been picked up after a survey of more than hundred web sites and blogs that may concern Small Business Owners of Houston. Houston is home to many small businesses, and it’s now considered one of the top 10 cities for entrepreneurs, according to the Houston Business Journal. The journal notes a high concentration of small businesses in the city, nearly 20 small businesses per every 1,000 residents. And there are many factors that contribute to that growth, says Matt DeLeon, Business Development Coordinator for the City of Houston.

For example, Houston’s job growth is twice that of the nation, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics. “It’s just easier to do business in Houston,” DeLeon says. “There are no zoning laws, which mean small businesses have an easier time setting up shop. And the city is unique in that it doesn’t require a general business license, so there are fewer forms to fill out and no charge for being a business in Houston.”

Houston Small Business Blogs

1. Houston Businesses Cash Out Amid Oil Slump
John Beddow is Publisher of business journal. In this blog you’ll find the latest breaking business news, updated throughout the day, some of this week’s top stories from the Houston Business Journal and other popular features from the weekly edition. You can also sign up to receive any of their email products including daily business news updates, latest news of 17 industries, dozens of popular topics from around the nation and the latest networking and marketing alerts. You’ll also find out how to become a regular Business Journal subscriber and receive information about how to become a Business Journal advertiser. And, you’ll notice that you’re able to access 42 other local business publications owned by their parent company, American City Business Journals, as well as other Business Journals sites with more information for the busy business person.

2. Houston Marketing Matters
Houston Marketing Matters is a marketing thought-leadership forum featuring content on relevant topics like search engine optimization (SEO), mobile display advertising, writing effective radio advertising, celebrity endorsements and so much more…written by professionals for professionals. While the nature of content specifically benefits Houston’s small to medium sized businesses and agencies, it provides any business leader and marketing decision maker with meaningful, relevant and unbiased content about sales and marketing trends, best practices as well as the identification and application of resources, tools and technologies. These thoughts are backed by local market research and industry knowledge; focusing on getting the maximum return on investment for Houston small businesses. This blog is full of useful links.

3. Why Houston Attracts So Many Small Businesses
This blog supports the reason and suggest so many gateways to small business in Houston. The Allstate Blog provides you with entertaining, educational information in the areas of preparation, prevention and protection to give you the peace of mind that comes with confidence.

4. Top Houston Fashion Blogs
Inspiration’s Muse curates unique collections from the work of creative people who possess a unique sense of style and an artistic flare. In doing this the blog creates an atmosphere that captivates and inspires. This is one the attractive blogs about fashion and invites attention of not only Houston dwellers also all over United States and other parts of the world.

5. The Growth Coach
Glenn Smith is the owner and CEO of The Growth Coach in Houston, Texas. A coaching and consulting firm designed to help executives and business owners improve their businesses and their lives. Glenn serves on the President’s Forum for The Growth Coach franchise system and he serves as a mentor to new franchise owners. Glenn was selected as The Growth Coach’s “Coach of the Year for 2011.” In 2012 Glenn received the Ursala Coates Memorial Award for his service to the Fort Bend County area.

6. *Bonus – Houston Top Food Blogs
This is like a flood of Houston blogs. They have a variety of information about food business that can serve as lead and liked trends. Popularity of this blog may be witnessed from the posts and other stats given at hand. Reviewing comments by visitors speak volumes of its being an outstanding forum.


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