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Web Development that is Both Proven and Efficient !

Our skilled team of web developers keep up with the latest technologies so that we can provide you with advanced, custom and open source solutions which will propel your business to the next level.

As you can see from the projects we feature throughout our website, we are no strangers to fine, eye-catching web design that attracts visitors. But we are just as intently focused on engaging those visitors and encouraging them to take the action you desire, be it buying a product, joining a community or otherwise interacting with your business.

We can incorporate virtually any kind of functionality you can dream up for your website. Looking to create a social networking portal? Need a way to eliminate paperwork by automating your business process? Whatever your needs, we provide custom solutions that meet your requirements, integrates it into a coherent website, and provides a robust CMS that makes it easy for you to manage going forward.

CMS Based Development


Suitable for simple content informational sites, blogs and standard professional sites.
Fast to set up sites.
Large community supporting it and updating the code.
Open source and widely used across the web.
Good for very simple eCommerce (1-3 products).


Not suitable for regular or advanced eCommerce projects, but can integrate with Magento to overcome problem. There is an eCommerce plugin http://www.wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-e-commerce/, though the functionality is limited, so it may not be sufficient for the client (depending on the client’s demands).
Must update it to keep it secure.
Not good for customized sites with complex user generated features (i.e. can’t build Facebook on it).
Not good for large media files.
Plugs-ins may get broken with updates (so extra maintenance is required for WordPress sites with plugins).



It’s Free.
It’s Familiar.
It Looks Professional.
It’s Very Secure.
It Makes Analytics Easy.
It Offers A lot of Flexibility.
It Has A lot of Customization Options.



Open source and widely used.
For simple Informational Sites and Corporate Sites.
Many modules and extensions which allows the site to be built for any functionality.
Large community of developers supporting and innovating.
Fast to set up.


Not the most user-friendly content-management-system. Its very complex and any client that asks for it should review it first.
Is not ideal for eCommerce websites. Allows eCommerce module integration (Ubercart), though a thorough investigation is required to make sure all the client’s needs can be met.
Forms customization is problematic, default look is recommended (a note to designers).
The information submitted via the forms is not stored in the admin panel by default, it’s sent to the corresponding admin’s email.
There is a learning curve for developers not familiar with it.
It has limits in displaying data taken dynamically from other places on the site or from external sources.



Quick and Easy to Update.
Web Experience not Essential.
Scheduled Content.
Protected Content.
Consistent Design.



It’s the Future, Get With It!
Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.
Legacy/Cross Browser Support.
Game Development.
Better Interactions.
Smarter Storage.
Cleaner Code.
Video and Audio Support.



JavaScript is executed on the client side.
This means that the code is executed on the user’s processor instead of the web server thus saving bandwidth and strain on the web server.
JavaScript is a relatively easy language.
The JavaScript language is relatively easy to learn and comprises of syntax that is close to English. It uses the DOM model that provides plenty of pre-written functionality to the various objects on pages making it a breeze to develop a script to solve a custom purpose.
JavaScript is relatively fast to the end user.
As the code is executed on the user’s computer, results and processing is completed almost instantly depending on the task (tasks in JavaScript on web pages are usually simple so as to prevent being a memory hog) as it does not need to be processed in the site’s web server and sent back to the user consuming local as well as server bandwidth.
Extended functionality to web pages.
Third party add-on like Greasemonkey enable JavaScript developers to write snippets of JavaScript, which can execute on desired web pages to extend its functionality. If you use a website and require a certain feature to be included, you can write it yourself and use an add-on like Greasemonkey to implement it on the web page.

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