Online Marketing Predictions For 2016

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Online marketing is something that undergoes great changes through time. From year to year, the field of online marketing looks different. What will it look like throughout 2016?

Experts are making some predictions…

1. It is predicted that more websites will go responsive in 2016. It is important that websites keep up with the demands of the age, so it is likely that more websites will become responsive towards the end of 2016 to adapt to all the different devices going into the market. It is evident that people are going on the Internet mostly through hand-held devices today, and there are many different types of these devices, so websites need to adapt to their screens. If they don’t do that, they lose out.

Are these websites based in Houston responsive?

2. It is also predicted that the SEO will keep moving towards content marketing. SEO has been going through a great change in recent years, and it has been evolving towards something that is now commonly called content marketing. It will, by the predictions of experts, keep moving in that direction and will only evolve further in the future.

3. Content is being moved to video, and it is probably going to do so more and more in the future. YouTube has made a huge impact in recent times, and it has been an incredible content sharing platform. It is predicted that by the end of 2016, video is going to become an even greater content sharing platform. It is already a big deal, and all chances are that it is going to become an even bigger deal in the future.

4. Efficiency is going to become a necessity by the end of the year, as it is predicted. Of course, efficiency has been very important, but it is going to become even more important in 2016. Next to websites offering great content and great looks, they are going to need to be fast and efficient to be winners. If you are looking to have a successful website, efficiency is the right way to go.

5. Interactivity is going to take over by the end of 2016. Some of the most popular online content is actually interactive content, like quizzes and similar things. Personality quizzes have actually become really popular on the Internet in recent years. It is predicted that the popularity of these types of websites and this kind of interactive content where users participate in will just rise in the future and that websites which feature this kind of content will have a greater chance of success.


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